Clear the clutter, or find the stories of God's faithfulness in it.

I've Lived Stories That Have Proved Your Faithfulness

As I sit at my kitchen table staring at all the clutter, I suddenly realize that I am looking at the stories of God's faithfulness in our lives. From the remnants of homeschooling supplies, to my son's current college notebooks and computer charger. From the bin of files from my husband's past job, to the tools laying here from a new hobby he's been able to afford with his new job. From the fears of anxiety and a verse of "Be still and know I am God" on the mirror, to the peace of discovering who He's made me to be - including a strong mom. Where I once clung to a full time job that was missing something I've since found without it, I am now creating paintings and spaces for others to create and find healing. The ailing Hibiscus plants are now thriving, and I see promise in the new Mother's Day Hydrangeas. True Blue is what they are - with a little princess pink inside. They are waiting to find their place outside where I can be reminded from my window to keep dreaming.

Speaking of dreams, many have risen from what I thought were ashes at times. I got this snowflake mug from one of my treasured art students. She didn't know that they have represented to me the world of beauty that we can find when we look closer at the nature of a thing. Take winter, for example. Cold and harsh, representing death - or at least dormancy. When we take a moment to breathe and see, we find this universe of ordered molecules within it- circles of beauty that take my breath away! There is God, right in the center.  Also, it was my dad who brought disorder into my world, but showed me how to make paper snowflakes of Heaven to right it again.

So if your life and kitchen feel full of clutter and you think you'll never win, look again. You will find God, making beauty from ashes, and you will see stories proving His faithfulness. Just keep going.

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