The Passion of Winter

The Passion of Winter

The time for cold and snow is here. Time for my longing to begin. I’m already looking forward Spring, to see the greens of life again. To feel the heat of the sun and not just the glare. Why is there winter again?

I have no acceptable answer-much like many of life’s other problems. Maybe it’s a good reminder? Certainly that I am not God. That I am not in control-at least not of the seasons and signs of the times.

I can only choose my own actions, so I’m choosing to cling-to the heat of the Spirit, to the life that He brings my starving soul. My soul is needy. It naturally seeks something or someone to fill it. An object of affection to worship. One it believes will sustain it.

It fears being left out in the cold and alone. It needs someone with boundless love to behold, and with power to tend it, feed it, and keep it warm-not just warm, but burning hot. Not just surviving but passionate! Not just fulfilled, but longing for truth and beauty.

Only One contains all these requirements: its Master Creator-the Artist boundless and holy. The One Who burns brighter than the sun He created, yet gives just enough for warmth and not death. The One Who gives me the desires of my heart, with passions and dreams so full of ideas I don’t know where to start!

When I think I know Him, He shows me a new facet, so even though the cold is growing outside I’ll take it. I’ll take it as a sign from my Creator, Who knows how to sustain life by pulling it back a bit and creating in me a longing for Him. A search for something new in this cold place again.

This isn’t my first winter here. I know how cold and bleak it can get. This one will be the coldest one yet, as I’ve tasted the Garden of Spring and Summer, walking with Him in the cool of the day. And I’ve seen His glory in the beauty of Fall. Yes, this winter may be the toughest of all, but it is the first one in which I will be walking through most longing and free.

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