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Winter Growth Creative Spiritual Retreat (1 Day) In Bismarck, ND

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January 29th, 2022


$148 for instruction, supplies, snacks, and lunch

Sign up by January 23 to reserve your quiet place at this price.

Join me in coming away and digging deeper to know this God of creation and allow Him to renew your spirit.  He works in every season - yes, even winter.  Did you know that the tree's roots grow more underground, even when it looks like nothing is happening above? If you are grieving in any way, discouraged by circumstances, or just feel the bleakness of winter, this time is for you.

     "Winter seems to be a time when we can focus in and look for God in a deeper way. And like discovering the beauty in a snowflake, we can discover the beauty in our Creator. At the same time we are lamenting, He is showering us with crystal treasures. Let us not lose our wonder of this season."

We can find life and renewed spirit.  We'll study the scriptures on this season of life, digging up the deeper meanings Lectio Divina style. We'll ask the Holy Spirit to highlight what He wants you to know personally. Guided writing in a new journal allows for additional insights and healing, and your growth process will continue in doodling with marker and watercolor. 

This is not just for artists, but those who want to hear the Holy Spirit in a new exciting way. Those who have never tried writing or watercolor will find them to be healing tools. All levels are welcome here because our focus is process, and not creating masterpieces.

All supplies are included in the price: 

  • Writing journal
  • Special pen
  • Watercolor journal
  • Watercolor kit with paints and brush
  • Permanent marker

The day will begin with blueberry muffins (made with almond flour) and coffee or tea.  It'll include teaching, scripture reading Lectio Divina style, quiet reflection, guided writing, lunch, prayer and worship, painting, and sharing. This is a safe place for deep reflection and sharing.  You'll even make new friends!

Alicia Broxmeyer is an experienced instructor who likes to lead others in connecting their heart to our Master Creator through the creative process. Her own artworks are born out of deep study and personal connection to the scriptures, listening to the Holy Spirit, and illuminating the pictures that arise out of the process.


The bleakness of winter. It used to scare me. What if it never ended? What if the sun never really rose again? What if I never saw another green plant or felt the warmth of the sun? What would I do then?

    The world these days feels like winter. Will it ever return to normal? Will we ever get what we need? Will our loved ones stop getting so sick and some even dying? It’s scary.

    If we’re not careful, this could become the state of our hearts too. How do we protect the life inside of our hearts? How do we keep them filled with hope? And love.

    It amazes me how the winter sky can be the same color as the snow on the ground. I don’t feel anything but cold as I look out my window. But if I take a closer look at the snow gently falling right now, I can see that each individual piece of it is a uniquely designed wonder. And a design has to have a Designer. Where is He when all looks completely void of life? He’s as close as a snowflake falling in front of my face. I just need to look closer.

    Winter seems to be a time when we can focus in and look for God in a deeper way. And like discovering the beauty in a snowflake, we can discover the beauty in our Creator. At the same time we are lamenting, He is showering us with crystal treasures.        Let us not lose our wonder of this season, and of this Christmas season too. The celebration of the Son that came shining into this world, and if invited to do so, will shine into our hearts. He will build a fire inside us that will sustain us through winter - the physical one, and the one that never seems to end in the circumstances of this world.

    I don’t see the sun today, but I can feel it within. He comes when we call Him. He always has. The constraints of time do not hold Him. So before losing hope in this dreary time, take a look closer than you’ve ever looked before. You’ll see Him. Because He’s already here. He’s bigger than this world, He’s stronger than the bare branches, He’s more welcoming than the nests left waiting for Spring. He wants to build a fire within you. Will you let Him in?

Come away with Jesus for a day, and He'll renew your heart and give you hope for the future. Sign up by January 23 to reserve your place at this price.